The Deposition of Susanna Jones Rawlings,
widow of Aaron Rawlings (I), 1745

The Affirmation of Susanna Rawlings of Ann Arundel County widow taken at the house of Aaron Rawlings in the
Afsd. County on Saturday the Sixth Day of Jly 1745 pursuant to the Adjournment of the Commissioners before mentioned.

Susanna Rawlings of Ann Arundel County Widow aged Sixty eighth years or thereabouts, being one of the People called Quakers, a Witness produced and examined _ _____ _ ____ [sic] in behalf of the Complt. affirmeth and declareth as followeth,

Item 1.         To the first Intorrogatory this Affirmant solomnly [m?-es] & affirms, That She has known the Complt. Six or Seven years, and the Defendent from his childhood.

Item 2.         To the second Interrog this affirmant saith That she hath heard of Richard Beard the Defendant’s Great Grandfather, but never knew him, and dothe not know when he died.

Item 3.          To the third Interog this Affirmant Saith, That William Jones of Ann Arundel County surgeon was her Father, at whose Death she has been informed that she was one year and half old. That she hath been often informed by a certain Rebecca Nicholson deceased, who was Daughter of the Af.d. Richard Beard Afsd. Great Grandfather, that her this affirmant’s Aforesaid Father William Jones died first.

Item 5.
[sic]        To the fifth Interrogatory this Affirmant Saith, That her Father left a son who died as she believes when he was about eight or nine years old, altho her Sister Mary who was married to one Robert Kirkland, and her self who was married to Aaron Rawlings Senior deceased, and that she never knew or heard of any other Children that the af.d Wm. Jones had in Maryland but has heard he had one in England who died young.

Item 7.         To the seventh Interrogatory this Affirmant Saith, That her sister Mary Jones did intermarry with a certain Robert Kirkland as abovesaid some time after her Father’s Death, and that there was a Division made between the Af.d Kirkland this wife and She this affirmant of their Afd. Father’s lands and that the Lands left her by her Father lying on Beard’s Creek fell to her This Affirmant’s Share or her part; That this affirmant afterword intermarried with a certain Aaron Rawlings Sen.r. decd. with whom she joined in a sale of the lands unto one Charles Tilley
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(page 2) and to the rest of this interrogatory cannot affirm. (squiggle squiggle)

Susanna Rawlings
(her mark)

The above and within Deposition taken before us

Henry Hall
(Jas/James?) Nicholson

Maryland State Archives Ref:

Rawlings, Susanna, widow (AA).
Dates: 1745/07/06.
Deposition pertaining to a legal case involving Richard Beard.
MSA S1005-5-614 MdHR 19,999-005-041  Location:

(Scharf Collection)
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Phelps, Walter; Phelps, William, planters (AA)
Dates: 1745/06/29.
Depositions of witnesses in the chancery case Nicholas Maccubbin v. Richard Beard. MSA S1005-5-577 MdHR 19,999-005
007  Location:

Dr. William Jones, father of Susanna Jones Rawlings
(Died without a will in 1678, Col. William Burgess Admin. of Estate)

Aaron Rawlings, husband of Susanna Rawlings

Col. Moses Rawlings, grandson of Susanna Jones Rawlings

Rawlings Family of Maryland

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